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2.3 Model and property releases

Model release requirements

Stockxpert requires you to upload a validly signed, so called model release for each image that has a person in them. A model release is required for each person in the image.

This includes crowd shots with lots of people. The only exceptions allowed will be:
  • Crowd shots with 20+ people and all faces are blurred (however, if any person in the crowd is identifiable, a release is required);

  • For images of body parts such as the hands, torso, eyes, mouth, legs, etc. — a model release is NOT required UNLESS there are identifiable markings that identify the model, such a tattoos, piercings, etc.

Property release requirements

Stockxpert requires you to upload a validly signed property release for all images taken of private property such as homes and buildings (interiors and exteriors).

You may or may not need a property release for interior or exterior shots of public property, churches or government buildings, depending upon the specific property. For example, any images of famous fast food restaurants, LAX Airport, the New Orleans Superdome, or the Empire State Building alone (and not part of a skyline), just to name a few, may not normally be used for commercial purposes without a release. You will need to determine on a case-by-case basis whether a property release is needed for these types of properties.

For images of private homes from public property — such as the street, you still need a property release. The house belongs to someone and without a validly signed property release the owner has not granted permission for you to use an image of their property for commercial gain. If you do get permission from the owner, please remove all identifiable location information such as house number or street address. We do not require an additional property release in the event the private property changes ownership as permission was granted at the time the image was taken.

Any images or footage clips that contain identifiable trademarks (such as company logos) or copyrighted materials such as (popular brand-name toys like Barbie), also require property releases.


If you would like to learn more about model releases, please visit Dan Heller's website. He has a great article on them.

For your convenience here are some release forms that you can download, print and fill out. If you have your own ones, you can use those as well, but they have to be essentially the same.

» Model release for adults (16 Kbytes, PDF)
» Model release for minors (15 Kbytes, PDF)
» Property release (15 Kbytes, PDF)

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